Guatemala Mission Team – Day 3

Today was another awesome day. It was also a very long day. With much to be
done it was decided that we would eat breakfast at 6:00 and leave for the
build site by 6:30. The Medical Team got up and cooked breakfast and the
Build Team was on site by 8:00 AM.

*View from the mission house in the morning*

The day started with another long hike back up the mountain and some of the
brightest smiles you will ever see. There were a few children and teens in
the village that had shoes that were in horrible shape. Toes busting out
the front or seams coming apart all the way around. Shoes were located for
these children from the donations that you sent to Guatemala. I’ll never
forget the look on the face of one little boy when he got a “new” pair of
Nikes. He kicked his old busted shoes off into a creek.

*Boy so excited to get new shoes!*

*Diane having a shoe distribution for the children*

The Build Team made great strides and as of right now they have three
houses completely finished, one house framed up and ready for tin, one
house to be completely built, and seven houses only lacking the front
section/windows and doors. The goal for tomorrow is to finish everything
but the fronts of the last two houses. That’s a big task and it’s going to
be a big chore, so we’re ALL going to the mountain tomorrow. All 29 of us
will make the trip and together we’ll nearly be finished after tomorrow.

*Courtney building a door*

*Some of the children helping Tammy with a door*

*Tillmon marked something off his bucket list – to climb a tree in

*Skip teaching Turner how to build a house*

*Tyler and Jeremy putting on a roof*

*Diane and KT learned how to build windows and doors and let the kids help

*Tucker helping build a house*

*Diane and KT with their completed window*

The Medical Team completed their final clinic today. They gave out meds at
Pastor Hector’s church. The building of that church was part of the tasks
tackled by one of our earlier missions to Guatemala. The med team got a
pleasant surprise today when they were invited to a nearby orphanage to
play with their children. Those who went were moved to tears by what they
saw. 30 some odd children packed into a meager building and living a bare
existence, but still SO HAPPY! Happy to be played with, happy to be loved,
happy to sing for our people. In the words of Olivia Lewis, “This was one
of the best days of my life.” Why? Because the way the children hugged her.
She said she doesn’t think she’s ever been hugged like that before.

*Anna loving on some kids at the clinic*

*Olivia loving on some kids from the orphanage*

*Olivia and Sandra passing out toys to some of the kids*

*Sandra playing games with one of the girls*

*Allison checking out a patient*

I speak for the entire team when I ask that you pray for our strength to be
renewed in an Isaiah 40:31 type of way tomorrow.

Guatemala Mission Team – Day 2

Today was an awesome day for the Heucks Retreat Guatemala Mission Team. Get
use to hearing that phrase, because I’m fairly sure you’ll see it again.

Monday was a day filled with travel and bouts of waiting. Getting settled
in the Mission House and getting our bearings was the order of the day.
Tuesday was our first chance to see how God would use us on the mission

The morning started a breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits, blackberries, and
pancakes. The pancakes were nearly abandoned after two false starts by
Jeremy Loy and Tillmon Bishop. Luckily, our pastor is not only skilled at
expository preaching, he also makes a mean pancake.

*Jeremy and Tillmon’s failed attempt at pancakes*

Devotion time was led by Brother Ken and he shared a verse from……wait
for it……..JAMES!!!! His favorite “right strawry epistle.” His message of
encouragement was followed by a last bit of advice from our in-country
missionary, John.

After that the medicines were loaded into one van for the medical team and
the tools were loaded into three trucks and one van for the build teams.

The medical team has a great day and saw over 100 patients at the church
they served at. It’s no coincidence that some of the most compassionate
ladies you will ever meet represent our church body in this mission. The
medicine is served with a huge shot of love from our people. Tomorrow the
team will move to another church and will continue to give out medicine and
vitamins and love.

*Courtney helping one of the ladies*

*Olivia with some of the kids at the med site*

*Sandra loving on some kids at the med site*

*Notice Courtney is sock footed in this picture. That’s because she gave
her shoes to a lady with 15 children who needed a new pair of shoes!*

*Allison looking at a boy at the med site*

*Olivia, KT, and Kat having fun with one of the kids at the med site*

*Rosemary helping one of the patients*

The Build Team drove a little over an hour to start their day. As we were
driving I looked at the countryside and noticed the houses we were passing.
I saw people living in houses made of wood, stucco, tin, blocks, and
concrete. I kept thinking, “These people are poor, but they don’t look
destitute. Surely we won’t be helping these people.” I kept wondering,
where are those who we will serve?

We found them in a valley that sat in a curve in the road. They stood
waiting for us with anxious faces. They celebrated our arrival by setting
off fireworks. Seriously, they set off fireworks.

They were eager to help us carry our gear to their village in the hills.
The huge hills. The baby mountain hills. The steep baby mountains. Once we
made it up to the build sites, then we commenced building. Progress went
good. Three homes were finished and are ready for concrete, then
doors/windows, and then dedication. Three more homes are framed up and
ready for tin in the morning. The goal is to build three/four more new
homes tomorrow after finishing the ones we started.

*The locals helping us carry the equipment up the mountain*

*This was a single mom that was brought to tears as we were praying over
the house site before we started*

*Jeremy and Tyler working on a house*

*Tammy and Katie working on building the doors*

*Bro. Ken and some of the locals looking over the ledge at the house
Viktor’s team was building directly below them*

*Turner building a door*

*Jeremy crossing the “bridge” on the way back down to the vehicles*

The stories shared tonight during devotion centered around the love we felt
for these people. The entire team is excited to know that all the homes
we’ll be building will be in this same valley. The people there are so
poor. And they have no idea. They are so happy and so extremely eager to
help us as we build them new homes. Romans 5:6-8 tell us that, “For while
we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one
will scarcely dire for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person
one would dare even to die—but God shows his love for us in that while we
were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Today we met some VERY good people. So easy to love. I think that as we go
out tomorrow, both groups will focus on conveying our love of Christ to
these people, even with our broken Spanish. We will tell them that Christ
died for them and that is why we are here to give them medicines, to build
them houses, and to tell them the good news of Jesus Christ.

Guatemala Mission Team – Day 1

Praise the Lord! We arrived safe and sound in Guatemala and all of our
luggage made it without any problems.

We started the morning out bright (well dark) and early at the church with
breakfast thanks to the Nations’ family! A couple of our team members even
had to drive through downed power lines from a tornado to make it there –
we weren’t about to let anything stop us!

After breakfast, we loaded up on the bus and headed to Jackson. Once
there, we got all 60 of our bags checked and all of us through security and
boarded on the plane. Thankfully, we were able to fly above the weather
while heading to Atlanta, although it did get a little rocky on a decent to
the Atlanta airport. Our flight left Jackson a little late, which meant we
didn’t land in Atlanta until it was time to board our next flight. But the
Lord was gracious, and we were still able to make it to the gate with
plenty of time to board before our flight to Guatemala took off. Once on
board, it was a long 3 hour flight until we landed in Guatemala.

[image: Before boarding bus to leave]

*Before loading bus to leave for Jackson*

We collected our luggage, rented vehicles, and headed to Grace Mission
Home. After we got settled at the house, we headed back to town for some
food. After getting a little food in our bellies, we headed back to the
house to sort through all the medicine and personal hygiene items we
brought. We might have all been a little like zombies at this point! Once
the sorting was done, it was time to get rested up for the next day!
Looking forward to seeing what all the Lord has in store for us this week!

*In Guatemala trying to collect all our luggage*

*It took a few different carts for all of our luggage*

*Tillmon sorting vitamins*

*Everyone helping to sort all of the items we brought*

Guatemala Mission Team – ¡Adios Amigos!

*”May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in his
works” – Psalm 104:31*

Yesterday morning we attended Cesar’s church. It was a wonderful time
worshiping with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters. Tillmon preached and
Diane did her chalk drawing of Jesus on the cross. They also called us all
on stage to thank us for doing the medical mission and food distribution.
Finally, we presented the speaker system to the church. They were very
touched and thankful for the gift. We received many hugs and thanks as we
left. What a wonderful picture of what Heaven will be like.

Well its time to go. We’ve seen God do mighty things this week, but now we
have to get back to our “normal” lives. It’s been said many times this week
for us to not go back to our everyday lives and not be forever changed by
this trip. Pray for us as we go back to work, school, kids, etc. Pray that
what we saw and experienced this week will have a lasting effect on our
lives. That it will move us to good work in the name of our Lord. More
importantly, that it will move us to spread the Gospel when we’re back in
Mississippi. Continue to pray for the new Christians in the “Community of
Blessing” as they have a large mission field all around them. And thank you
for your prayers. They have been felt and we’ve seen the effects. We love
you all. Thank you for supporting and praying for us.

Guatemala Mission Team – Day 6

*”Shout for joy to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name; give to
him glorious praise! Say to God, How awesome are your deeds! So great is
your power that your enemies come cringing to you. All the earth worships
you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name.” – Psalm

Praise be to God for he is mighty in power! How do you describe a day like
today? I’ll just be honest with y’all, I don’t know how to exactly express
it in words. Amazing, wonderful, powerful, praiseworthy, awestruck,
glorious, greatness, and majestic all seem to pale in comparison to what we
experienced today. Your many prayers came to fruition today! Thank you so
very much for your prayers. They were not in vain. God showed up today in a
mighty way. During the home dedications, we gained 12 new brothers and
sisters in Christ! Let me break that down by family so that you can see how
your prayers were fulfilled.

*The Hernandez Family*

Felix and his wife Angelica both accepted Christ today! They kneed down on
the porch of their new home and accepted Christ!

*The Lopez Family*

Sandra was already a Christian, but her daughter Wendy was not. As her
mother prayed over her, Wendy prayed to receive Christ as her personal Lord
and Savior!

*The Hernandez Family*

Carlos and Dora are both already Christians. During Cesar’s Gospel
presentation, their oldest child Karen decided to ask Christ into her
heart! Praise be to God!

*The Torres Family*

Both of Gracíela and Vernacíous’ grandsons accepted Christ today. With
tears in their eyes, Cesar and Romano both accepted Christ. Also, Reanna
Perez (sister-in-law) was at their home and accepted Christ. What a
wonderful sight to see God work in the hearts of these people!

*The **Guitterez** Family*

Dora expressed to us that her and her husband Juan were already Christians.
Cesar then challenged Dora with the great commission to make disciples in
her community.

*The Torres Family*

What a wonderful day to see a whole family of Christians in this community.
All three of Raul and Marta’s children (Lilian, Wendy, and Ezekial)
accepted Christ today! Raul and Marta are already Christians but Raul did
rededicated his life to Christ.

*The Lopez Family*

José and his wife Elizabeth both asked Christ to be their personal Lord and
Savior today!

*The Perez Family*

As stated earlier, Reanna accepted Christ when the Gospel was presented at
her in-laws house. Francisco was gone to work at the time. Pray Reanna will
express to her husband what happened in her heart today and spread the Good
News to him.

It is truly a thing of God what we witnessed today. The images of
grandparents and parents praying over their children as they accepted
Christ will forever be engrained in my head. One lady said she prayed for 7
years for her grandson’s salvation and that someone would come and present
the Gospel to him. Today, he became a Christian! How great it is to be used
by God for his plans and purposes!

Thank you so much for your prayers! Please continue to pray for these new
Christians as they start a new chapter of their lives. Pray that Christ
will be spread like wild fire throughout the community. May God be
glorified in the “Community of Blessing.” May all the praise and glory be
to God and God alone!

*”Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!” – 2 Corinthians 9:15*