Guatemala Mission Team – Day 1

*We Made It!*

Praise God from who all blessings flow! Thankfully we made it here safely
and with no problems. None of our bags were tampered with and we were able
to get the speaker system, microphones, and mic stands that we bought for
Cesar all through customs without a hitch. It was a true blessing from God.

*Waiting in line at the Jackson airport.*

*David and Joan riding the shuttle at the Houston airport.*

*Allison and Kat on our final flight to Guatemala.*

We arrived in Guatemala at 11:30 and got to the mission house around 2:30.
Once we all ate lunch, we got together to tackle unloading and organizing
of all the medication, toys, clothes, and the hospitality items we brought
to give out. The biggest job was getting all the medication out of the
bottles and into baggies for easier distribution.

*Mark and Joan sorting through the supplies.*

*Just a small part of ALL the medication we sorted through.*

*Getting all the pills into individual baggies for distribution.*

Tomorrow we get out first chance to get out in the community. We’ll have
two different build teams and a medical team going out. Then later in the
day, we’ll get back together to participate in food distribution. The teams
are excited to get out and get to work. We pray that the Spirit will go
before us and prepare the hearts of those we are going to encounter. Your
prayers are coveted for our physical, metal, and spiritual strength as we
begin this week.

*To God be all the Glory and Honor and Praise!*