Guatemala 2015 – Day 4

Today we awoke to a beautiful sunrise with a clear sky out in front of the mission house but fog settled in the valley below revealing only a few tree tops.  God certainly knows how to paint a masterpiece!  Because the view was so perfect, we opted to do our morning Bible study on the roof of the mission house.  It certainly set the tone for the day with Bro. Ken talking about God’s perfect design and how He is most glorified in our weakness.

The sun was just beginning to hit the top of the volcano.


The tasks for the day were slightly different this time as we had a group going to do the first of two medical clinic days.  Despite having only a small group they were able to see 125 people today.  They treated aches and pains, swollen tonsils, and even q-tip cotton stuck deep within one individual’s ear.  So many things we take for granted because we have easy access to medical care and medicines are obstacles these people live with, sometimes for years.  Thanks God’s guidance in calling just the right people to serve on the team and just the right donations to be given, they received care and medication they likely would have never received otherwise.

Providing a service many of these people have no access to outside of this ministry.


Much of the success of the med team was thanks to those who went to simply play with the kids.  It may sound like a trivial task, but those individuals played a crucial role as well since they could keep the kids preoccupied while parents or siblings were being treated.  And more importantly, we could build relationships that, while they may only have lasted for the day, could have an eternal impact on those young lives.  One of our team members spoke of building a bond with a brother and sister in particular, and before they left stopping to say (in the best Spanish he could muster), “Very important … Jesus loves you.”  We pray the memories of fun and laughter tied to those simple words make them stick in the hearts and minds of those kids until the Jesus opens their hearts to see their need for him and trust that despite their sin, Jesus loves them.

Fun times that lead to sharing the most important message these kids could ever hear.


Of course we also sent build teams back to the village to finish a few homes and start the final ones.  They also saw God moving as one of the families in particular certainly seemed to be responsive to the prayer and brief words shared with them prior to the team starting the home.  We hope to see even more evidence of God moving in their hearts when we reach dedication day on Saturday.  Please focus your prayers for that day!

One of the teams praying with the family whose home they were building.


Just as before, the build teams ploughed through the physical labor portion of the day, but also made time to build connections with the kids and homeowners.  It’s been amazing to watch as the kids have warmed up to us the longer we are there.  We know as long as we are willing to serve and faithful to show the love He has lavished on us, God will be faithful to bless us and use us to accomplish His will.  That is all we can ask.

Loving on the kids … and being loved on in return.


While it was a wonderful and productive day, it was also a long and hard day!  There was no shortage of tired eyes, achy backs, and sore muscles when we got back to the mission house.

Even our pastor needs some down-time once in awhile!


Tomorrow we will send a small group to do the finishing touches on the 10 homes we’ve built, a larger group to the second day of medical clinic, and others will disperse to do a few things for the ministry here that we wouldn’t have been able to do were it not for the hard work put in the past few days to get us ahead of schedule.  What can I say?  God is good!