Guatemala Mission Team – Day 3

God’s blessings are new every morning! We were blessed to be all together
today to finish building our eight homes. The day didn’t start off well
when one build team found a large rock under where a post needed to be
placed (see pictures below). They persevered and were able, with much work
and many people, to get the rock moved. The day moved on better from there
and we were able to get all of our homes done early. As always, building
was not the most important thing on our minds. There was plenty of time for
loving on the locals and spreading the Good News as we had opportunity.
Through tracks, New Testaments, and broken Spanish we were able to plant
seeds of the Gospel that we pray God will continue to work on to bring more
children into His family.

Tomorrow we will be splitting up into three teams again to meet different
needs in the community. There will be another medical mission right down
the road from the mission house. One build team will be back at our homes
putting the finishing touches on them and the other team will be painting
an apartment at the local seminary. Continue to pray for God to strengthen
us as we are about half way through our week here. Also, pray that the Holy
Spirit will go ahead of us to prepare the hearts of those we will meet.