Guatemala Mission Team – Homeowner Profiles

We’ve talked all week about the homes we’ve been building and now is your
chance to meet the homeowners. We’ve compiled some information about each
family and ways we can pray for them. The village we’ve been working in is
called “Community of Blessing.” It is a community the government created to
give families of a local mudslide disaster land to own at no cost. With our
home dedications tomorrow, we feel this is a great way for y’all to pray
specifically for the families we will be sharing the Gospel to.

*The Hernandez Family*

Felix (not pictured) and his wife Angelica (center) have been living in
this community for a year. They have one child, Meily (center), who is four
and are expecting their second child in September. They currently do not
attend church at this time and used to be Catholic. They have asked us to
pray for Angelica who has high blood pressure caused by her pregnancy.

*The Lopez Family*

Sandra (not pictured) is a single mother who have been living in the
community for a year. She has one child, Wendy (pictured), who is 15.
Sandra wants to become an archeologist. She has asked us to pray for her
family who has been moving from place to place a lot. She wants to stay in
the community and plant her life there.

*The Hernandez Family*

Carlos (35) and his wife Dora (33) have been living in the community for
four months. They have five children: Karen (11), Daniel (8), Carlitos (5),
Walter (4), and Rodrigo (1). Carlos works at a bakery. He has worked there
for 20 years and just recently became the owner. They have asked us to pray
that Carlos’ bakery would be successful.

*The Torres Family*

Gracíela (73) lives with her husband Vernacíous (63) and their grandson
Cesars (17) and Romano (12, not pictured). Vernacíous is a stroke victim
and is confined to bed. They have asked us to pray for his condition and
for their son who lives in El Salvador.

*The **Guitterez** Family*

Juan (not pictured) and his wife Dora have been living in the community for
about a year. They have a daughter Abbigail who is three. Juan works at a
coffee factory. They have asked us for prayer for his brother who is
addicted to drugs.

*The Torres Family*

Marta is married to Raul (not pictured) and they moved into the community
about a year ago. They have three children: Lilian (15), Wendy (12), and
Ezekial (8). They have asked us to pray for their family and for Raul as he
is off working.

*The Lopez Family*

José and his wife Elizabeth have one child, Elsa Sofia. They prefer living
here in this community. José used to help builders but currently does not
have a job. They ask for prayers that he will find a job to support them.

*The Perez Family*

Francisco (22) and his wife Reanna (19) have an eight month old baby girl
named Genesis. Francisco is currently not working but wants to become a
mason. They have asked us to pray that they will finally receive their
paperwork from the government to own the land they are currently living on.

Now you can put faces to the homes we have been building. We have
dramatically increased these peoples quality of life with these homes. But
if we stopped there, then this trip was nothing more than a humanitarian
project. Tomorrow is the most important day of our trip. Its when we get to
express to these people that the love of Christ in our own lives is what
has brought us here to Guatemala to build these homes. It’s when Cesar gets
a chance share the Gospel to these families. I pray the Holy Spirit is
already preparing these hearts for God’s word to come in and do a mighty
work in their lives.

*So that God would be praised and receive all the glory and honor.*